Water Testing For Coffee

water testing for coffee

Match your coffee to your water supply

The water that comes from your tap or that is plumbed into your coffee machine has an enormous influence on the taste of the coffee you serve. Different coffee blends suit different water types and it is extremely important to match the principal taste-notes of the coffee beans to the headline characteristics of your water supply.

Water quality and characteristics vary greatly throughout Ireland and a coffee blend that works well in Dublin city centre, for example, won’t taste as good in Belfast, Wexford or Tralee. We create blends to suit specific regions and specific water types, but sometimes even this isn’t enough. Greenbean Coffee Roasters will test your individual water supply and provide a specific blend to match your individual water supply. The difference in the taste, texture and finish of the resulting coffee can be astonishing.

Individual Water Testing for coffee

If you send us a sample of your cold water supply, the same water that you use to make coffee, we will taste the water and perform a series of tests. We need about 2 litres of your water). We can quickly identify the main characteristics of your water supply and move on to isolating the specific nuances in your individual supply. We will then begin to make coffee using your water and tweak the composition of the blends we use to match your sample perfectly. When we have matched the coffee blend perfectly, we will note and record the blend for future reference. We can then supply you with this blend at any time, given two weeks’ notice, as we always roast to order.

Match your coffee to your water supply

Water supply can vary from house to house and from street to street. For example, whether the water you use for your coffee is piped in the old cast-iron mains pipes or in the new plastic pipes can make a huge difference. The reservoir from which your water is supplied matters too.

If your water supply is particularly problematic, we can show you how to improve it, from a coffee-making perspective. Happily, water related issues that affect your coffee and tea are usually very straightforward. In many cases, it’s either chlorine that’s ruining the taste or lime-scale is ruining your machine (Some lime is in fact beneficial to the taste of coffee or tea, so there can be a bit of trade off involved). Other minerals that naturally occur in the water can cause both taste and machine problems but these instances are not as common as chlorine or lime-scale.

Improving water quality for coffee

In many cases, simple filtration will solve problems caused by excess chlorine or dissolved minerals in your water, but rest assured we have all the necessary expertise in-house to offer the optimum solution. It may be, of course, that your water is of excellent quality in which case we are doing ourselves out of a job! No matter, this service is free to our customers. We know the difference that matching your coffee to your water supply can make, so we’re happy to provide this service free of charge. We know you’ll taste the difference in the coffee and tea you serve.

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