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Greenbean Coffee Roasters Team
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The Greenbean Team is skilled, flexible and very capable.

Experience, teamwork and a desire to do the job right are the hallmarks of the Greenbean approach.
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Pat Grant
Pat GrantManaging Director and Master Roaster
Pat Grant has been sourcing, buying and roasting coffee for more than 30 years and is one of Ireland’s leading coffee experts. He still roasts coffee every week to maintain his roasting expertise. Pat also looks after development, planning and has the ultimate responsibility for the quality of our coffee.
Deirdre Grant
Deirdre GrantFounding Director
Deirdre Grant started the company in 1985. Deirdre manages the Northern Ireland market and looks after customer service throughout Ireland. She has been in the coffee business for more than 33 years and understands our customers’ needs intuitively. She is an expert barista trainer and teaches coffee making skills to customers and at our barista masterclasses.
Nicola Halpenny
Nicola HalpennyCustomer Care
Tel: +353 42 933 2417
Deirdre Martin
Deirdre MartinOffice Manager
Tel: +353 42 933 2417
Lorraine MurphyBusiness Development
Tel: +353 (0)87 231 4434
Mark Donnelly
Mark DonnellyOperations
Tel: +353 42 933 2417
Colm McConville
Colm McConvilleRoastery Team
Niall MacClancy
Niall MacClancyRoastery Team